New Puppy Care - the Journey Begins

New Puppy Care Guide (NPCG)

New puppy care! Nothing quite so exciting yet seemingly daunting as the day you decided to bring a new puppy home. As each dog is unique, puppy raising can be challenging even for experience dog owners. NPCG is here to help with simple but practical instructions.

Each year, millions of households around the world adopt dogs as pets. The following year, half of those households surrender their dogs (often still puppies) to shelters where most of them will be put to sleep. Clearly, the gap between wanting and understanding needs to be filled. The main reason for this discrepancy is often the lack of understanding between man and dogs.

Because dogs by default are simple creatures with simple motivation (they just want food and your love), the source of misunderstanding lies largely on the human side. 

'Epic High Fives'

To start off the relationship on the right foot, a new puppy should never be adopted on impulse or given as a 'surprise' present. The decision should be discussed and agreed by all members of your family.

Before you commit yourself to a new puppy, consider the following ;

Inevitable expense of puppy care

Keeping a dog is costly, especially a new puppy. From the initial purchase of housing and accessories to the mounting cost of feeding as the puppy grows bigger and everything else in-between. Buying of insurance, veterinary care from time to time, cost of vaccinations and boarding kennels (puppy-sitting) when you need to go abroad.

Puppies often grow up to be large dogs

Puppyhood last about two years for most breeds. By the end of year one, many will reach maximum size of a full adult. Each year, thousands of the larger breeds are abandoned or re-homed when owners realize that their homes are too small for their once tiny puppy.

Researching how large your new puppy will grow to, the space she needs to live comfortably both for her and your family is a vital step in preparation for new puppy care.

Dogs are pack animals

By that (NPCG) does not encourage anyone especially new owners to take up a whole pack of new puppies. In fact quite the opposite, one is more than enough as anymore will require a lot more of your time, attention and resources (think number of puppies multiply by effort and resources).

Commitment to take on a puppy should only be made if someone will be at home for a good part of the day. Puppies need company and are unhappy if they are left too much on their own.

As you spend time exercising, training, playing and grooming your puppy daily, she will grow to consider herself part of the 'pack' in your family. Preferably with you as the pack leader!

Bane of depression: Puppy and Bubbles!

Are you overly house-proud

A new puppy is the equivalent to a human baby or toddler. A potential puppy parent should be ready to accept the stains, smells and loose fur associated with owning a dog. Accidental damage to property and hairs around the house can be manage but not totally avoidable through regular grooming and proper behavior training. After-all, a new puppy is just a baby!

The long haul

While owning a dog can be absolutely rewarding, puppy caring is also a big responsibility and a long-term commitment. On average a dog lives for about 12 years with some smaller breeds even longer. 

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