Adopt a puppy for free

There are many ways to adopt a puppy for free. Before we go on with some of these suggestions, it is important to understand the definition of ’free’ here means the initial cost of getting a puppy/dog. The cost, time and effort to upkeep a dog still stands. You still need to set aside time and resources for:

·         Vaccinations

·         Spay or neuter

·         Occasional veterinarian visits

·         Food

·         Equipment (Bed, toys, leash, etc)

·         Puppy proofing your home

·         Training

·         Grooming

.     Daily Exercise

With that out of the way here are some suggestions…

Ways to adopt a puppy for free

·         Adoption events

Although not entirely free for most cases, adoption fees range from free to a few hundred dollars. The fee usually includes vaccination shots or Spaying which you need to spend on eventually, in that sense the dog herself is free.

Prepare to fill out some forms and answer lots of questions. Understand that the staffs just want to make sure you and your new puppy are perfect for each other.

You can look out for such events on newspaper ads, internet, veterinarian clinic or your local animal shelters.

·     Animal shelters or Humane societies

Process almost identical to Adoption events stated above except you do not need to wait for an event to happen but rather you could visit these establishment on a more regular basis.

Do note shelters tend to have more adult dogs than puppies thou it is still possible to find puppies every now and then.

To add on, have a clear and firm idea what you are getting before making your choice. Its is very easy to get emotional, leading to impulsive adoption. Take your time, ask lots of questions. More importantly, you don’t have to decide on a single visit.

·         Friends or relatives

Perhaps a colleague or a relative must give away a puppy for various reasons. Often, they came with existing supplies (food, supplement, etc) and equipment (bed, leash, toys, etc).

Same rules apply; ask questions!

Understand what you are getting into and never feel oblige to adopt.

·         Strays around neighborhood

First, observe and make sure the dog/puppy in question is a definite stray. Roaming the neighborhood regularly without a collar or tag doesn’t necessarily mean the dog is a stray.

If it is a young puppy you might not have the luxury of time to assess her for long. Puppies are fragile, you need to take actions asap even if your final decision is not to adopt. Call your local shelter or animal rescue as soon as possible.

Adopt a puppy for free this way is a lot more unpredictable. You have no details of her background, no insight to her parents and medical history. Often, no clear knowledge of her breed too.

A thorough check-up is in place to rule out any communicable disease, parasites, worms or other problems. This is also a good time to find out if the puppy has been neutered or spayed. You could also take this chance to find out the breed of your new puppy too.

Keep in mind while the act of adopting strays are free, the cost of veterinarian and unpredictability sometimes outweigh the price of buying a new puppy from a reputable breeder.

However, if your intention is to rescue and give this puppy a second chance, then congratulations! Bless your noble soul!

·         Internet and social media

A quick search on social media will have you connect with local communities and organizations dedicated to animal rescue. You can then choose to follow them and from there look at your options.

Internet ads from websites like Craigslist is another good way to adopt a puppy for free or at a low cost. People give-up their pets for various reasons (Divorce, moving, etc) and often they came with existing supplies and equipment.

For both these options, choose to visit so you can have a better understanding on the environment the puppy/dog is currently living. You want to know for a fact your potential puppy is well look after. Prepare to ask the questions you normally would before you adopt a new puppy. Again, do not feel oblige to adopt said puppy if you are not comfortable with what you are presented.

If a fee is involved, be wary of unscrupulous breeders that offer “for your convenience” to your doorstep deliveries. Always meet the dog and assess the conditions in which they raise their dog. Making a decision involving lives based on a picture and written description is ill-advice.


The take-away

If a Puppy or dog is free or cheap, it is usually for good reasons. Often (thou not always), the formula goes like this:

Cheaper upfront = Higher cost in upkeep + Unpredictability

In the end, there are no true free puppies if your intentions to home one is unrealistic.

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