Beagle Puppies care guide

Beagle puppies at a glance:

Size: Grows up to 33-40cm, 9kg

Lifespan: 12-14 years

Grooming: Easy

Exercise needs: Moderately high

Feeding needs: Moderate

Temperament: Active, Happy-go-lucky, stubborn at times

Trainable: Moderate

Best for: Active family, great with children

Beagle puppies appearance:

Beagle puppies retain their puppy-like appearance throughout their lives while acquiring all the features for their intended role as a small game hunter.

Stock little body, muscular hips and thighs with round, firm feet design to track and hunt quarries all day. At a glance, the Beagle resembles a smaller version of Foxhound.

Soft hound-like features, soulful expression combine with droopy ears and a handsome muzzle are some of the key physical attributes that melt the hearts of Beagle lovers the world over!


Happy-go-lucky but stubborn, intelligent yet mischievous. The independent and equally pack-loving Beagle would have won the award for having the most diverse set of personalities.

Bred to alert game hunters of their locations, expect Beagles to be vocal. Their barks are distinct, persistent and loud. Joyful and easily excitable, the expressive Beagles have that tendency to 'voice out' often.

Beagles live by their nose. Once they latched onto a scent, everything else, even their beloved owners(you)or favorite food will take backseat. 

Their scent-orientated nature combine with curiosity, short-attention span(easily bored)and high energy level can make walking Beagles challenging.


Beagles dislike repetitive activities. Therefore, it's more effective to break training up to several short(5 minutes) sessions throughout the day.

Many owners relate training Beagle puppies to teaching a gifted but inattentive child's academics in school. So much potential yet that child seems inclined to get into his/her own way to success.

All basic behavior training are important. However, certain areas deserve highlights for difficulty or priority;

Housetraining-potty training begins with setting up a consistent schedule and boundaries. Positive crate training will greatly improve success rate.

Temper barking-Beagles love to bark, it's their only way to 'express' their opinion. Temper barking isn't about teaching your Beagle not to bark; it's about telling your Beagle when's the right time to do that.

The tricky part comes in when your Beagle barks excessively when no one is around(out for work,school, etc.)to correct her, thus causing a nuisance to the neighborhood.

It's a good idea(and manners) to ask neighbors if your dog has annoyed them in anyway during your absence. If barking in your absence is a constant problem, it's time to seek professional help from a dog trainer.

Leash Walking- Beagles will sniff everything around them and likely dart off to a scent like a stray bullet. For safety reasons, an outdoor Beagle must always be on leash.

Therefore, to make those walks safer and more enjoyable for both Beagles and owners, teaching Beagle puppies to walk nicely on a loose leash should be one of owners' top priority.

Activity Level:

Moderately high. Modern Beagles are content to snooze for hours at a time but they still need to be exercised regularly to stay in shape and out of trouble. Think little kids with too much energy!

Two brisk walk of 15 to 30 minutes per day and a weekly hour-long jog, hike or play will put them in good state. As you might have guess, that will probably keep owners in good shape too!


Beagles have short, water-proof coats that's quite easy to maintain. A bath every 2-3 weeks would suffice.

Brush the coat daily with wire carding brush to remove dead and loose hairs while stimulating the skin. Complete the brush-up with a nice massage using a hound glove, going over your Beagle again from head to tail.

Beagles have droopy ears that obstruct proper air circulation around inner ears. This makes Beagles ( or dogs with similar ear structure ) more prone to ear infections.

Lift up ears to inspect and clean under the ear flap at least twice a week. 

Being part of the family:

Beagles love pack lives and the great outdoor. Ideal for active family and great with children, their gentle disposition and happy-go-lucky nature have earn them top rank as one of the most beloved dogs around the world!

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