Puppy Adoption, Where To Look And What To Avoid..

Puppy adoption, where to start..

Puppy adoption is very important as there are far too many canine in the world that need good homes.

When looking to get a new puppy there are several factors that you need to consider. There are many different options when it comes to adopting that puppy of your dreams, you need to understand them and know which options will benefit both you(the owner)and the overall dog community.

'Would you take me home, please?'

No. 1 reason to adopt a puppy

Puppy adoption is a serious prospect that you will need to think about carefully. There are over four million dogs in the world, and a huge portion of these are in need of adoption.

Adopting a puppy can help fill a void in your family while giving other abandoned puppies a second chance at life! That said, you might be surprised to know that there are many different options of finding the right puppy for you. 

Puppy breeders

Reputable puppy breeders are the ideal place to get your chosen puppy adoption from; they can offer you pure breed dogs. For some people knowing the history and parentage of their dog is very important.

Good puppy breeders will be able to show you the parents of your chosen puppy, and will know its blood line. Many breeders today allow the puppies into their homes to ensure they are accustomed to people and other animals before being bought. This can help avoid selecting anti-social behavior puppies in.

There are many great puppy breeders all over the country, and finding a good one is essential as there are also many 'bad' ones.

Research on different breeders, and ask many different questions. Although it's still business for breeders, good quality ones will understand the importance of puppies well-being and early socialization before they arrived to their new home.

Puppy adoption from reputable breeders are the most expensive option especially if you're buying a pedigree. But the benefits of knowing what you are getting far often outweighs the uncertainty of other puppy adoption options.

Animal shelters

Although getting a puppy from a breeder is a great choice there are many in animal shelters that need good homes.

If you are least concerned about the breeding or type of dog that you want, than animal shelters are ideal.

Although the shelter would very much like you to home the puppy for life but if your new relationship doesn't work out, they are willing to take the pup back.

There are many different types of puppies and dogs available in the shelter. However, finding purebred puppies are rare, and they are likely to find new owners quickly.

So what if it is a mongrel or mixed breed! If you select the right puppy and shower him/her with lots of love, you will still end up with a great companion all the same!

All animal shelters are based and run for the well-being of the dogs that they look after. Often they rely on donations from the general public, and might ask you for a donation when you collect your puppy. The shelter will ask many questions about your lifestyle and home to ensure that the puppy will be in good hands.

There are simply too many abandon dogs in the world. Everyday, hundreds of puppies and dogs are put to sleep because the shelters simply do not have the space for the endless strays that keep coming in.

Puppy adoption with this option save not just the canine that you choose but also free up another 'slot' for another dog.

Stop supporting puppy mills by not buying outright from retail.

Pet shops and puppy farms

You may have spent time at the mall looking at the puppies in the windows of the pet shops; however, this is one of the worst ways to adopt your puppy.

Many pet shops are supplied by the every growing trend in puppy farms. Although many people claim to not really understand what these farms are, in reality they simply do not want to admit they exist.

Puppy farms or puppy mills are often out of the way farms that are simply used for the purpose of breeding puppies. The mothers are treated very cruelly, and kept in similar conditions to battery hens. They are caged and treated as machines to produce puppies in huge numbers for the many pet stores that buys from them.

The owners of these mills do not care about the well-being of the mothers and will keep exploiting them until they are too weak or ill to continue.

Many dog owners unknowingly support this trade by buying puppies from unregistered/unethical breeders and pet shops.Needless to say,this option will cost you just as much from a good breeder and not alot of good to the dog community. A 'lose-lose' case for everyone.

Puppy adoption is a big decision. Where and from whom to adopt is just as important.

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